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LLWill 01-12-14 11:59 PM

CEF Book Project- 4th Bn
Anyone out there? that would like to contribute to the 4th Bn area - PLEASE do

A good Interim badge image would be very appreciated!
Central/4/Ontario Gaunt - needed

Anything not in the standard references (Cross ....)


jim a 03-12-14 01:50 AM

The only 4th Battalion badge I own...Hope you can use it...

LLWill 05-12-14 10:51 AM

CEF Bood Project -4th Bn
Thanks! Nice badge. We already have that image - but thank-you for helping out

servicepub 06-12-14 05:02 AM

Not just cap badges. We are also encouraging the sharing of collars, shoulder badges and sweetheart pins.

Bill A 06-12-14 12:32 PM

And, those ragedy tagedy cloth battle patches and shoulder titles. Just call me the rag man. .....

mad4thcef 09-12-14 07:56 PM

Quick note here!

Not all was maker marked ie. C over collars.

LLWill 10-12-14 12:00 AM

<aker Marked Badges
The only badge that will be identified as by a specific maker is one that has the makers mark on it. I know that people have and opinion that a badge is by a certain maker because of the lugs/tangs.......but I'm just not going to identify a maker by deduction

TRT 18-08-15 06:00 PM

Have a Tiptaft one. Need?

LLWill 19-08-15 11:22 AM

4th - Tiptaft
I'll check - Thanks VERY much for the offer

milcollectorblue 29-08-15 10:43 AM

Larry, you already have my image for the 4th Bn (Interim) badge, so are you looking for anything different to that already shown within the CEF Project pages? Lovat

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