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Santimames 13-02-18 07:22 PM

Royal Artillery badge from Egypt
Hello everyone. Please, I would like you to help me date this badge. This was found near Cairo (Egypt) in the 50s. I have deduced from its patina that if it was lost during ww2, it would be newer and less rusty. So I think it comes from one of the ww1 Cairo camps. In that case, I would also like to know if the artillery troops from England remained with their original badges or changed them when they were assigned to the ANZAC divisions. Thanks in advance.

Bill A 13-02-18 09:41 PM

Hello Santimames, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

fougasse1940 13-02-18 09:51 PM

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Welcome to the forum. The badge was introduced in 1902 but with different fittings, and with this slider worn from 1906 until circa 1954. During the First World war in 1916 the badge was left unvoided to speed up production and in 1917 a version with reinforced slider was issued.

Top left 1902-1906, top right 1906-1916 and 1918-1954, bottom left 1917 and bottom right is a bit of a mistery.

I would think they would have retained their badges, but I'm sure more knowledgable members will chime in about that.

Rgds, Thomas

Santimames 14-02-18 08:28 PM

Thank you very much for the information. ;) I have learned new things. I see that a badge could be used in the two wars. I hope someone can tell us something more based on its rusty appearance.

Santimames 14-02-18 08:47 PM

As a curiosity, I show a photo of Ronald Colman from the movie The Dark Angel (1925). Colman served in London Scottish Regiment during WW1.

fougasse1940 14-02-18 08:59 PM

Your initial badge is an other ranks badge, officers wore die cast badges instead of die stamped, and with an applied wheel. Mr. Colman depicts a service dress wearing officer so his badge should be a die cast bronze one with applied wheel, but looks like an other ranks die stamped single piece one.

Rgds, Thomas

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