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mike_vee 02-11-22 10:36 AM

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Just spotted this year's Jersey Poppy Appeal pin , this is the standard one and there are also different pins for the various 'parishes'.

More for the "wanted list" ! ;)

If anyone lives in or is visiting Jersey I love to get hold on any of this year's pins.

Thank You :D


mike_vee 04-11-22 08:47 AM

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Originally Posted by mike_vee (Post 590364)
2022 Manchester Bee pin is on its way to me

Arrived yesterday ! :D

Have done well this year as I've managed to get hold of all the 'special' pins I was after ...... apart from the "2022 LPD" (London Poppy Day) one.

I checked with my local Poppy Stall and , although part of London , their poppy sellers have never received the LPD pin.

I have a feeling that these are only handed out (on the day) in Central London.


Mike_2817 04-11-22 05:12 PM

As did mine, and my Holy Grail is also the LPD pins.

My wants list below has reduced as I obtained pins and grown as I discover new 'wants'

mike_vee 09-11-22 11:54 AM

Early Christmas !
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Worth a gamble ?

Spotted a lot of seven “remembrance” pins which looked genuine and from a seller I have bought badges from before. As “poppy” wasn't in the listing there was only 1 other bidder and I got the lot for a reasonable price.

They could have been fakes but I thought it was worth a gamble , they arrived today and are all genuine !

I think I may have the missing ones in my “spares box” so could could end up with a second full set !


mike_vee 23-11-22 04:32 PM

Filling gaps !
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Picked up a 2006 City of Nottingham Poppy Appeal pin , I now have eight of their pins but as they possibly started in 1990 I've got a lot more to find.

Also got this years Metropolitan Police pin , the earliest one I have is 2006 and I still need to get hold of another six years.


mike_vee 26-11-22 02:19 PM

More 2022
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Two of this year's TFL/London Underground pins , Buses with brooch fitting and Roundel with clutch pin. There were also three train pins but I gave them a miss this year.


mike_vee 02-12-22 03:18 PM

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Got this one I was after in a small joblot .:)

It was designed by the Chairman of the Golcar Branch RBL , it was produced for an event they were holding to commemorate the WW1 Centenary.


Home Guard 02-12-22 05:07 PM

Well done Mike!!! One more to scrap from your want list!


gurkharifles 11-12-22 01:10 PM

I've just spent a frustrating hour trying to list a 2007 Poppy Pin badge on ebay ( offered on the forum first) with 100% of the proceeds going to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. As soon as I try and list it a banner comes up saying "The sale of Royal British Legion poppy pins or brooches is not permitted on eBay as these are typically sold for charitable purposes" - but there are over 1,000 current listings of poppy pin badges !!! - I removed any reference to RBL in the listing but still no go. I went onto a "chat" with ebay - half an hour of going round the houses - they eventually said that the other listings must be in breach and will eventually be taken down - I doubt that very much !

mike_vee 11-12-22 03:34 PM

It is bad when someone wants to sell a genuine pin , which they have bought and paid for , with the proceeds going to charity.

The RBL have the copyright/trademark for their poppy (manufacture/logo etc) but once you have bought one surely you have the right (legally but maybe not morally) to resell it on any site you wish ?

What really gets to me is the numerous listing for fake/counterfeit poppies that are being sold. These are definitely in breach of RBL copyright/trademark but when I have reported the listings , both to eBay and the RBL , nothing gets done !. :mad:


Home Guard 11-12-22 05:18 PM

Mike, The two ruling desires of evil - Power and Greed. No matter the damage done.


mike_vee 10-01-23 10:47 AM

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This year's dated Poppy Pin is already available from PoppyShop , it is getting earlier every year ! Also , having them available so early will surely effect Branches as a lot of people used to get their dated pins from their local poppy sellers during Remembrance Week.


Mike_2817 10-01-23 02:42 PM

I am a Poppy Appeal Organizer and feel that pins should be made available for local sale at the same time as the Poppy Shop, as it is it will probably be another month or two till I get my early shipment.

Re re-sale of Poppy Pins, The RBL Poppy Appeal made it money on original pin when first sold and then becomes 'Second Hand' to be disposed of by its new owner as they see fit.

As a Poppy Appeal Organizer I receive dated pins and specials in bags of 50 for re-sale or distribution via approved outlets. These remain 'New' till sold.

Since last year PAO's have no longer been able to ask a set price for poppy goods but thankfully donations have not suffered that much.

mike_vee 11-01-23 02:15 PM

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Got hold of another "Legion Companion" badge and also , though not RBL , a nice pin that reminds me of some of the 'battlefield' (Ypres/Thievpal ?) ones.


mike_vee 13-01-23 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by mike_vee (Post 594558)
This year's dated Poppy Pin is already available from PoppyShop , it is getting earlier every year !

2023 Poppy Pin arrived yesterday , it is the same colour as last year's and 2021.

And they are already being sold on eBay for £14.99 + £2.99 postage ! :mad:


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