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mike_vee 12-08-22 09:58 AM

Welsh Poppy Pin
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Arrived this morning , have an ROI pin on its way ! :D

Also , someone on holiday in Malta picked me up an "RBL Malta G.C. Branch" pin.


Home Guard 12-08-22 04:15 PM

Mike, Both are really nice pins!!! And very nice of the person going to Malta to pick that one up for you. This forum is living evidence of the goodness that still exists in the world!!!:)


mike_vee 13-08-22 09:11 AM

ROI 2022 Pin
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Todays arrivals !

ROI 2022 Pin and Kiwi Fern "100 Years" Pin. :D


Mike_2817 15-08-22 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by Mike_2817 (Post 582101)
What I have heard of and am looking for in 2022 and received so far in bold
Not all are doubles!

4 x Large Rugby Ball doubles White, Blue, Green & Red (Large Red is scarce)
1 x Dated 2022 single poppy
1 x 2022 Overseas double
1 x Platinum (70th) Jubilee single
1 x Falklands War 40th single
1 x undated Isle of Man Manx double
1 x undated Motorbike double
1 x Dated Irish (Poppy & Shamrock) single
1 x Dated Welsh double
1 x Manchester Bee [no details as yet]
1 x 2022 London Poppy Day Pin [Looking for multiple dates]

If anyone has details or pins for Ireland, Wales, Manchester or London I would like to know...

Same Golf pin as last year (undated)

Have received Irish & Welsh pins via Mike V (thanks Mike)

But still looking for 2022 Manchester Bee (if one has been issued) and a London Poppy Day (LPD) pin

mike_vee 19-08-22 02:43 PM

Poppy Time !
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These three Poppies just arrived , one is pre 1987 (no leaf) and the other two date to between 1987 (when leaves returned) and 1994 (when “Poppy Appeal” replaced “Haig Fund”).

NB. These poppies do not have the 'button hole hook' on the plastic stem.


mike_vee 05-09-22 01:40 PM

Isle of Man
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Finally got hold of a 2014 IOM motorbiker ! :D

Arrived today from Ukraine ! :eek:

I think I now have all the "official" bikes issued by the IOM , six plus MC/Sidecar , and five of the poppy/triskelion ones.

Am still missing the 2015 one , so if anyone spots it please let me know.


NB. Dates are "guestimates" based on Facebook/Social media posts.

Mike_2817 05-09-22 02:06 PM

Missing the same 2015 one, along with the 2016 example

Mike C

mike_vee 05-09-22 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Mike_2817 (Post 586725)
Missing the same 2015 one, along with the 2016 example

Mike C

Will keep an eye out for 2016 one for you , and if I spot two 2015's I'll grab them ! :D


Mike_2817 05-09-22 03:55 PM

:cool: Ditto for 2015

mike_vee 07-09-22 11:53 AM

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Arrived today , two great poppies !

A gift from the author of the definitive book.


Home Guard 07-09-22 04:00 PM

Very nice Mike!

Hard to beat kindness like that and always sort of makes that item a bit more special. Not because it was free, but that someone thought kindly enough to to share.


mike_vee 15-09-22 12:09 PM

Belfast Poppies !
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Spotted a 1960's tray of Poppies on eBay but they went for way above my limited finances .:(

Then someone put me in touch with the winning bidder and after a few e-mails he has kindly sent me 3 of them , he didn't want anything for them but I sent him a couple of early BL badges for his generosity.

Apparently during WW2 members of the Women's Section of the Befast Branch of the British Legion started adding 'trimmings' (foil on stems and different number of leafs) to the basic Poppy. The practice continued post war and these three poppies are from the 1960's , they are larger than today's poppies.(pics 2 & 3 show comparison)

They are a fantastic addition to my collection.


mike_vee 20-09-22 03:00 PM

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Bought the earlier four petal wire stem Poppy and the seller kindly included one of the larger plastic stem (no button hole hook) ones . :D

As I've ended up with a few paper/cloth poppies lately I'll need to take a bit of time to sort out dates etc and also how to store/display them.


mike_vee 21-09-22 01:40 PM

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Seller had five poppy pins listed seperately :

1. 2012 RBL Motorbike - Have been after this for years !
2. 1914-2014 Soldier - On my 'wanted' list.
3. Three pre 2011 dated poppy pins (2008/2009/2010).

Each 'lot' was within minutes of each other , so my attention was on the Biker.

Ended up getting four out of five , missed out on a 2008 pin when my laptop froze ! :mad:

That's two more off my list. :D


Home Guard 21-09-22 05:59 PM

Congrats Mike! Isn't it always a rewarding feeling to finally nab something you've been after for such a long time!!!


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