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Mike_2817 26-03-20 01:21 PM

Yes, mine arrived today as well. Just got an email to say the London & Aylsford Offices & Warehouse is shut down as is the Poppy Factory.

Do not know about the Poppy Shop as it is a Franchise Operation.

mike_vee 27-03-20 10:08 AM

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Poppy Shop has another VE75 pin (£2.99) , just wish they had it on their site when I ordered the other ones. At least I got a 'promo code' with my last order so don't have to pay £3.99 postage this time.

"We are currently running a full operation within our fulfilment and distribution centre."

Mike_2817 27-03-20 10:47 AM

Yes I noticed that as well Mike! Same design as VE70 Pin - Have ordered two as it is a minimum order of £3.99

Good job there is free postage...

I also notice that they are selling the VE75 Wreath normally obtained from Poppy Appeal Aylsford

mike_vee 03-04-20 10:07 AM

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VE75 pins from poppy shop just arrived , plus 2 from Poppy Scotland.

mike_vee 11-04-20 01:22 PM

One Good Turn
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I have been searching for an RBL Falklands War commemorative pin for almost 1 year and have finally got one with the help of a forum member (thanks Mike) .

The day it was posted to me I spotted another one on eBay (no mention of RBL or Poppy in the listing) , snapped it up as I know someone else wanted one .

So , I've now got one and the other one will be on it's way shortly to another forum member.

As they say , one good turn deserves another. :)

This is why the forum is great , people offer advice and help out when they can.

mike_vee 19-04-20 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by mike_vee (Post 489422)
Another "commemorative" pin from RBL , price £29.99 + p&p.

"The Royal British Legion have produced this Remember Together Lapel Pin with 53 facets, representing each of the 53 Commonwealth countries."

One of these was just sold on eBay for £41.00 + £4.00 postage , so total cost £45.00.

They are still available from Poppy Shop for £29.99 + £3.99 postage , so total cost £33.98.

It pays to check prices before buying on eBay ! :D

Edit : One hour later same seller has listed another one , starting bid £20.00 + £5.00 postage.

mike_vee 22-04-20 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by mike_vee (Post 507035)
One hour later same seller has listed another one , starting bid £20.00 + £5.00 postage.

That one went for £31.00 + £5.00 postage (total £36.00) , they could still have bought a new one from Poppy Shop for a total of £33.98 and the profit would have gone to RBL ! :confused:

Mike_2817 22-04-20 05:47 PM

Well I take it the sale of badge originated from the Poppy Shop in the first place with the difference going into the ebay sellers pocket.

As you say it pays to check

mike_vee 17-05-20 12:35 PM

Recent additions
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Latest additions to my collection:

1. London Ambulance Service - Will now have to hunt for missing years !

2. RBL and M&S enamel dated pins.

3. Large "Join The Legion" button.

4. Somme 1916 Musee (Museum) pin.

5. Thiepval poppy pin.

6. RBL VJ Day 75 commemorative pin - Got this early in case of supply problems.

7 & 8. Not badges but really liked these keyrings .

NB. Postal deliveries have been hit and miss , second class post arriving in 24 hours but some first class post taking 10-14 days ! Have only had 1 lot go missing but got refund from seller. (Note to self : Don't make promises until badges are in your hand :o).

mike_vee 24-05-20 09:14 AM

Dunkirk 80
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Latest from Poppy Shop , "Dunkirk 80 Commemorative Pin Badge".

The VJ Day 75 Commemorative pin is still available but (unfortunately for those who missed out) the VE Day 75 Navy and RAF pins which sold out quickly and were shown as "out of stock" are no longer showing on the Poppy Shop site.

Also , although I am signed up for e-mail notifications , they do not send out any information when new items/pins become available! :mad:

mike_vee 06-06-20 01:10 PM

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Latest poppy pins.

1. Early poppy - Not sure if pre WW2 ?

2. D-Day

3. Three Scottish Soldiers commemorative pin.

mike_vee 09-06-20 03:11 PM

Poppy Shop Update
Poppy Shop have just redesigned their website , it is difficult to negotiate but I did find a couple of things that may be of interest.

The three VE Day 75 poppy pins (Army/Navy/RAF) are all available again.

The Operation Banner 50 pin (1969-2019) is also in stock (if you missed it first time !).

And there is a Battle of Britain 80 (1940-2020 hexagonal pin) , either I missed it before or it is a new issue.

mike_vee 10-06-20 08:50 AM

Poppy Shop rip off !
Did a bit more exploring on Poppy Shop website this morning and discovered something which I personally think is wrong.

It seems you no longer have to shop on eBay to get ripped off when buying dated Poppy pins , Poppy Shop will sell them to you at higher prices !

They are now selling :
"MEMBERS - Collectors Poppy Lapel Pins Dated"
"Collectors Poppy Lapel Pin dated with the year 2010. Wear this elegant Poppy Lapel Pin with pride anywhere and everyday. Lapel pin size approx 1.5cm…"

They are offering:
2010 - £17.99 (reduced from £36.00)
2011 - £19.99 (reduced from £36.00)
2012 - £36.00 (sold out)
2013 - £36.00 (sold out)

Now , as these pins have not been for sale on Poppy Shop site (and never at these prices !!) for years , how can they be "reduced" ?

Also , I could buy genuine RBL 2012/2013 dated pins on eBay .... or directly from RBL branches/PAO's for a couple of pound each !

While I think it is a great idea to reissue dated/commemorative pins I think this latest idea is wrong and will make the RBL look like bad , it will also encourage even more fakes/copies (from the same Chinese suppliers) to appear on-line.

Rant over !!! :mad:


mike_vee 10-06-20 10:22 AM

All the items in the above post have now been removed from the Poppy Shop site. :confused:

When I tried to go to the page via my browser history ;

"9:02 AM
MEMBERS - Collectors Poppy Lapel Pins Dated 2010 | Poppy Shop UK"

I get the message 404 Not Found , so either the four pages I looked at have been made in error or someone higher up has had second thoughts ?

Poppy Shop is definitely getting worse , there have been numerous problems with their site and although I am signed up for their newsletter/alerts I have never received any updates from them.

mike_vee 18-06-20 11:58 AM

Battle of Britain 80
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My badge arrived from Poppy Shop this morning , these were only on their site for a very short time and are no longer available (not even showing as 'out of stock'). :confused:

The Battle of Britain was from July - October 1940 and the 15th September 1940 was officially named Battle of Britain Day as it was the day when RAF Fighter Command claimed what proved to be a decisive victory over the German Luftwaffe.

Hopefully Poppy Shop will get more of these badges before the anniversary but as they had supply/delivery problems with VE Day 75 items I'm just glad I ordered mine as soon as they appeared.

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