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Bill A 24-12-09 03:07 PM

Loyal Edmonton Regiment
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For reference, an image of several varieties of post war titles to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. The unit was granted the LOYAL designation on July 7, 1943, however it was sometime before the titles were changed. The unit was one of a handful to have two distinctly different printed titles. The second pattern included the 49 and Loyal designation. The "Loyal" embroidered titles may have been issued at the end of the war. The colours in the title were based on the battle patches of the 49th Edmonton Battalion of the First World War.

rillette 22-01-10 02:03 AM


Do you have pictures of the first pattern of Loyal Eddies printed title that you could post?

What are the other units that have two patterns of printed titles aside from the Loyal Eddies and the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders?


Bill A 22-01-10 02:55 AM

Printed Titles
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Hello François,
Image of the 49th Edmonton Regt printed title.
There are two patterns for the Royal Montreal Regiment (with and without MG). I will go over my notes to check for others with two patterns.
What are the two patterns for the A&SH pntd titles?

rillette 22-01-10 03:17 AM

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the scan. For the A&SH titles, it's more two different shapes than two different patterns. One without clipped lower corners and one with cut lower corners. I'm not sure how to described it better and unfortunately I don't have examples to scan.


Bill A 22-01-10 12:13 PM

Bonjour François, I am not aware of there being different patterns for the A&SH. There was some "customization" to titles, and that may be the explanation? Done after issue. I would certainly like more information about that variation.
The canvas titles were made by a silk screening process, and the company did not cut new screens unless they had to do so. The screens used were the same for almost all units. They did change the weight of the silko material between t he 1943 and the late war issue.

Voltigeur 22-01-10 01:17 PM

Hello Gentlemen, Bill, I think Francois is referring to the two "type' of titles shown in these two photographs.Maybe that's what you could call "customization"
1st type,uncut, worn by the officer on the left.

2nd Type, worn by RSM McGinlay.

rillette 22-01-10 01:34 PM

Hi Jo,

Thank you for adding images to my description. That is exactly what I was trying to describe in words. I was not aware that these modifications to the title's shape were done on a individual level and that's why I thought that there were two approved distinct official title shapes. That's the beauty of this forum, you learn something new every day.


Bill A 22-01-10 02:00 PM

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Morning all, Thanks for the images Jo. I have seen those pics before. I have never come across a cut down printed title for the A&SH. Images are a quite tricky when it comes to establishing the fabric, and the type worn by RSM McGilnay appears to be a melton pattern. Compare with the A&SH titles from my collection. The ones in the t shape are all melton or starch back. The "t" shaped titles were more wasteful and more complicated to produce, making them a bit more costly. The arch shaped were simple to make, wasted less material and less expensive.

Voltigeur 22-01-10 02:41 PM

Here's also a pair of "T" shaped titles, sold by an ebay seller not long ago.

rillette 26-01-10 03:45 AM

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Bill, Jo, here is a scan of the two different shapes of printed A&SH titles. Looking at them I think that they both started out as arch shaped titles from the same silk screens, but how did the second one end-up as a T shaped title? Personal customization?


Bill A 26-01-10 12:23 PM

Morning François, Thanks for posting the image. The "t" shaped title sure appears to have started life as a regulation pattern. There was a lot of dissatisfaction with the printed titles. They were seen to be inferior and cheap compared to the melton titles. However, what was issued was what you got. Someone may have felt that he would make the best of the situation by making his title look like the melton pattern.

barriefield-brian 26-01-10 09:43 PM

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Here is a printed one on canvas. Cheers Brian

rillette 27-01-10 03:54 AM

Thanks Brian.

Bill, were the T shaped melton A&SH titles also customized titles or were they an approved pattern?


Bill A 27-01-10 12:25 PM

Haven't seen the sealed pattern docs for the A&SH to date. However, the melton and starch back patterns are found made in the "t" pattern.

rillette 28-01-10 05:01 AM

Hi Bill,

If melton titles exist in T shape, is it reasonable to assume that this pattern was approved and issued before much before war's end (VE Day)? And, if so, is it no conceivable that printed titles would have been issued in the same T shape?


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