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Snowdrop 68 04-04-20 11:16 PM

Did I miss something?
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Was about tho bid on these boonies on eBay, they were on for $4.95 each lot!! Thought I'd bid maybe $10, wasn't worth my while when I saw what they went for!

Is there anything extra special in there to bump them up to that price?


badgecollector 05-04-20 12:30 AM

i knocked back a swag of these not long ago.
on those prices ive missed a bargain, DOH

GregN 05-04-20 12:32 AM

No Idea Bill, I have a book of them and they typically go for 3-5 dollars each. Maybe they are regimentally procured examples rather than the gov't issued examples. Maybe someone else will chime in with a more accurate reason.


Darrell 05-04-20 12:36 PM

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I can't understand the prices realized either. I was going to suggest that the RNBR large-size and perhaps the RRC (is ir RRC?) oval in the bottom lot were the gems but that didn't bear out in the price comparisons.

It is my understanding that the RNBR one was made special by 1st Bn in 1994 as part of their 125th celebrations. I know a nice coin came out of that.


Snowdrop 68 06-04-20 11:22 AM

I did think the RNBR and RRC were a bit more but maybe not that much :)

The RRC was one I was after too :( Oh well, I'll just have to keep looking for the ones I need.


Darrell 06-04-20 10:39 PM

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Hi Bill

Let me know if you need any of these ones. My spares.


Tanker Mike 07-04-20 06:46 PM

The Newfoundland, Irish and 48th (two types) are fairly rare, but I was just as surprised at the final prices.


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