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Postwarden 18-11-19 05:13 PM

RTR Arm Badge with RAC titles?
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Both the cap badge and the slip-on title of this soldier are those of the RAC but he is wearing the RTR's tank arm badge as well.

I can only think he is undergoing basic RAC training but is already destined for the RTR - who were very particular about who wore their tank arm badge.

Comments welcome.


leigh kitchen 18-11-19 05:16 PM

Possible that he as a recruit knew that he was now destined for RTR and just put it up unofficially, perhaps pinned on for the photo sitting?

sketchley kid 29-11-19 05:17 PM

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57th.Heavy Training Regt. RAC. Waiwith Lines Catterick....I wore the same but with the yellow Banana tiles........
RAC cap badge, red/yellow arm of service bars. We were the only Training Regt to wear the tank arm badge..still got mine since 1945.
I eventually served in Queen's Bays & KDG

sketchley kid 29-11-19 05:48 PM

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Only pic I've got of the time 'Postwarden', me just a bit casual in Loch Park Barnsley , just see badge right arm.

Postwarden 02-12-19 10:32 AM

Great information from one who was there. Many thanks.


rac1944 04-12-19 05:33 PM

I posted this answer in reply to a Green Howards photo:

This seems to be the answer to this puzzler, from the Daily Orders of 145RAC dated 11 March 1942:
'Officers and Other Ranks of the RTR posted to this Regiment may continue to wear the Tank Arm Badge on the right arm in all orders of dress.
In principle if 145RAC could do this then the same should, or at least could, apply to all other RAC units with RTR intakes.
( - post #51)
In this instance could also be one of the infantry converted regiments wearing the RAC badge and he is an RTR intake.


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