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Mike H 20-08-14 05:58 PM

Lugged RAC QC cap badge
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This has been another thing that ive been scratching my head over. a few people have this badge that is lugged north and south rather than slidered like the standard RAC badge.
Id began to suspect that it could have been the anodised QC version of the RAC boys arm badge that was worn.
I took my query to the Tank museum ,I gave all the relevant details etc etc.

Again the assistant curator provided an answer for me :-

Your RAC badge was likely to be worn by the Royal Armoured Corps Parachute Squadron. They wore this on their maroon berets with a clashing red backing.

This web page gives a good history of the squadron :

If you have a look at the pages of the link there are plenty of badge images showing it being worn. Also the collar sized badge being worn in the beret as well. There is a sealed pattern card in the IWM with a RAC a/a collar badge on it,stating RAC special reconnaissance squadron beret badge.
The RAC SRS became the RAC para squadron.
Hopefully this clears this matter up for all the people interested.

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