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3battalion 20-10-20 05:52 AM

Saudi Arabian Badge
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I recently purchased this badge on ebay and it was described as a Saudi Arabian badge from the 50's. I have been collecting the odd Midddle Eastern badge and the quality of this one caught my eye.

The crown, crescent moon, star and unusual arabic lead me to think that this is from an earlier period, perhaps turn of the century, and was wondering if anyone can confirm my assumption?



3battalion 20-10-20 05:56 AM

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Back of the badge.

Chacal 20-10-20 06:20 AM

Hi Paul

I believe this is Libyan Police c.1950s but certainly post-WWII and pre-Ghaddafi.

Hope this helps


3battalion 20-10-20 06:43 AM

That's great Graham.

I'm now trying to decifer the script!



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