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Trubia26 08-03-21 10:59 PM

Not RAF...but?
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Hello! I have seen a "RAF" cap...but the crown of the badge is really you know something about this design...or just a fantasy item? The cap looks good...but not the badge...
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dragon166 09-03-21 12:17 AM

The "hat" looks a bit Imperial Chinese to me - so I think it is a fantasy piece.

Flatdog 09-03-21 03:47 AM


Royal Ceylon Air Force 1950's. Immediately after WW2 the King's Crown was replaced with this Ceylonese type in a bit of nationalization, however the St.Edwards Crown replaced this in order to conform to Commonwealth standards, this lasted through the 1970's to mid 1980's when formalized with the current crest of Sri Lanka.


Trubia26 09-03-21 05:21 AM

Wow! You are a enciclopedy! Thanks a lot for the info!

mike_vee 09-03-21 07:51 AM

A couple of "wings" from the same period :


Trubia26 09-03-21 08:52 AM

Yes...the crown is the same!

dragon166 09-03-21 06:58 PM

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I have come across a pic, since this thread started, showing a variant of the other ranks cap badge also. Very similar to the more common St Edwards Crown version but with the hat emblem as shown on your Officer's badge.

Trubia26 09-03-21 07:34 PM

I must admit that is a curious variant of the RAF badge with that oriental crown!...nice

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