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richardoflondon 08-10-18 06:43 PM

British soldier in WWII uniform
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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to do some research on my great-grandfather's WWII service. Unfortunately, with only a name I am having some trouble. I was hoping someone on this form could help me identify his regiment based off of the collar dogs that he is wearing in this photograph.

Thank you very much for your help,

Alan O 08-10-18 07:23 PM

Welcome to the Forum

They look like Prince of Wales' feathers but are not ones I recognise. Could be Pembroke yeomanry?


oc14 08-10-18 07:41 PM

Could be South Lancashire Regiment ?


leigh kitchen 08-10-18 07:44 PM

The Welsh Regiment?

Dan M 08-10-18 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by Alan O (Post 456389)
Could be Pembroke yeomanry?

The collar badge looks identical to the cap badge of the Pembroke Yeomanry shown in Regimental Badges (1951) by T.J. Edwards.


JBBOND 08-10-18 08:44 PM

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Originally Posted by leigh kitchen (Post 456395)
The Welsh Regiment?

Gets my vote, probably white metal

JBBOND 08-10-18 08:48 PM

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comparison pic, Welch Regiment collar

leigh kitchen 08-10-18 08:49 PM

That's the badge I'm thinking - pity I got the regiment wrong.......
What am I saying - it is the one I said.

fougasse1940 09-10-18 08:11 PM

The photo might be pre war with him wearing Service Dress with collar badges.
When was Battle Dress introduced and collar badges discontinued?

Rgds, Thomas

Alan O 10-10-18 11:16 AM

circa 1940 depending on the unit.

richardoflondon 16-10-18 03:21 AM

Thank you all very much for your reply, I think you're right, which might seem odd for a man from Belfast but it was the Great War!

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