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Phill Lockett 13-09-18 06:36 PM

3 RI ? CST & FS looking for ID and info
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Hi friends

Can anyone ID this cloth title and FS.

Also era this was worn.

sellers image.



leigh kitchen 13-09-18 06:40 PM

The horse is 26th Engineer Group, I don't know what the 3 RI badge is.

Phill Lockett 13-09-18 06:48 PM

Thanks Leigh, that was quick!!

What era issued WWII-Post WWII?



armbandman 13-09-18 06:49 PM

I think 3 RI is Dutch, I have similar woven ones in my collection I would be interested if itís for sale



Phill Lockett 13-09-18 06:52 PM

Thanks Fred

Will let you know.


leigh kitchen 13-09-18 07:08 PM

I believe the 26th Engineer Group sign was late 40's - late 60's but I'm not sure without a book Search.
The example you show as you probably know is a printed ordnance issue.

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