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Monty Cassino 12-10-16 04:05 PM

Lost LRDG silver cap badge/sweetheart
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Dear Members - rather tragically i have lost an LRDG silver cap badge in its Cairo jewellers box. I was attending the LRDG association lunch last Saturday in London and brought two up to show to interested parties. This is clearly a long shot and it could be anywhere between London and Brighton! Taxis, trains and other relevant places have been contacted to see if it has been handed in. You just never know..some kind soul might do that..or it may turn up on ebay or at a fair one day! Reward def offered if anyone spots it! I am including a picture of it just in case!

billy 12-10-16 07:06 PM

Heres hoping you find it wish you well!!!

marievictor 12-10-16 08:08 PM

Hi Monty Cassino,
Really sorry for you. You have to pay expensive price to get it....
You got it from a seller ?
You were sure your badge was authentic ? William Darby Jewellery in Cairo took this name in 1950. Before it was Alfred Horatio Darby jewellery.
This badge look really to the commemorative post war one... just one leg of the scorpion was broken....
Good Chance

marievictor 12-10-16 08:10 PM

Just to confirm what I say

Monty Cassino 12-10-16 08:37 PM

Very interesting! Thanks for has the service no of the relevant LRDG member on the back......which matches records....

marievictor 12-10-16 08:43 PM

Unfortunately, this is never a proof of authenticity but a way to get a badge for good ..
It's easy with the books on the LRDG to find a name and serial number.
sorry for you

marievictor 12-10-16 08:50 PM

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I found a silver pin which had already shown me.
The same story.
Strange is not it?
Looks like counterfeiters have stocks to sell !!

marievictor 12-10-16 08:51 PM

Where have you bought your badge Monte Cassino?
Member of the forum?

marievictor 12-10-16 08:55 PM

The LRDG badges are not the same but abels are the same and it is the same handwriting ...
Serial numbers follow more
It's really very strange
Can you tell us more about the source of your badge?
Have you bought expensive?

marievictor 12-10-16 08:57 PM

I wanted to say:
"The LRDG badges are not the same but labels are the same"

Monty Cassino 13-10-16 10:41 AM

Probably because it is me!

Monty Cassino 13-10-16 10:47 AM

Lost badge etc
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Just to be clear - i bought two badges together as a pair. i have lost one of them. I have posted the loss in other places probably under different names etc as i have a tendency to do that! Both came from same collection and from a reputable dealer. Here they are together. Harrison and Denniff were mates.

marievictor 13-10-16 07:12 PM

Okay so you lost two times you money:D

marievictor 13-10-16 07:15 PM

Have you others nice items in your LRDG collection?
Is it possible to see photos?

popskipa 13-10-16 07:35 PM

Both badges are fakes that have been "doing the rounds" for some time.


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