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mike_vee 16-02-20 10:30 AM

Variation ?
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Sorting out pins when I noticed this 'variation' , genuine or rip off copy ?

The H.F one is definitely RBL.

Mike_2817 16-02-20 01:50 PM

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Most of the ones I seen so far are like the left hand version'

The are requested by PAO's from Aylsford to reward Poppy Appeal Collectors for 15 years volunteering and come with a certificate.

This pin is for Male Volunteers, the Ladies get a brooch fitting Poppy with intertwined RBL.

Further badges (all broached) are awarded at 20 & 25 years with a 30 year medal with 5 year bars for extra years onwards.

I received the one illustrated below circa 2015, but I am due to receive some for issue soon, I will report back when I receive them (note - badge is brighter than shown)

mike_vee 16-02-20 02:37 PM

The one with the H.F center is shown on the RBL website.

Unless the rules have changed you are 5 years out with awards :

After 15 years : Brooch for ladies and Tie Tack for gentlemen.

After 30 years : Long Service Brooch (for ladies)/Medal (for gentlemen).

I've got the 30 year Brooch with bars for 35/40/45/50 and Medal but not the 'pinned style' bars.

The one I'd love to acquire is the 50 year badge !

Mike_2817 16-02-20 04:27 PM

Damn, I came back to amend my post! but you beat me to it; As a PAO I can have the first badge after 10 years, and I mixed the years up. 5 & 10 years a certificates on their own. [and I fill in the forms LoL]

I have a 15 year badge in the office I will check it out next week.

Sorry, the 50 Year badges are like hens teeth! ... I have one as one of my collectors earned it and passed away and her son gave it to me knowing I collected them. I have another due for the award after the next appeal.

mike_vee 16-02-20 04:39 PM

Mike , my reply was based on an old (2012) post by a very knowledgeable forum member ! :D

Mike_2817 16-02-20 06:24 PM

Yes, that frame is in my office, I have replaced the 90th Pins with the Ayr 4 pin set and added a Poppy Appeal Deputy Organiser badge..

I have to guard it with my life at times :o

mike_vee 27-02-20 01:46 PM

Ride of Respect
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Picked up these two badges which I though would go well with the RBLR stuff I have.

Mike_2817 27-02-20 02:22 PM

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Here are some additions to my collection

PAO 2018 (One sent to each Poppy Appeal Organiser at home & overseas) I've had this one since 2018 ;-)
Prototype of above without lettering. Produced in very small numbers
Prototypes of WW1 Centenary Pins (dated 2014) with Gold Centres.
Prototype of 1914-1918 'Thank You' pin in gun metal without colouring.
LPD (London Poppy Day) Pin dated 2018 (issued since 2014) #I am looking for other dates...

mike_vee 27-02-20 04:37 PM

Nice pins ! :D

The "1914-1918 'Thank You' pin in gun metal" is like a smaller version of the 1918-2018 centenary medal/coin used at the start of football matches played during Remembrance week 2018.

I don't know when the dated LPD pins were first issued , last year was the 13th London Poppy Day.
I have a 2013 LPD pin (smaller than 2018 , same size as normal 2013 dated pin).

Mike_2817 27-02-20 05:55 PM

Thanks Mike, will look out for the earlier 2013 LPD pin, I also have a 2016 LPD pin same size as the 2018.

mike_vee 12-03-20 08:10 AM

2007 Poppy Pin
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Before I joined the forum I bought a 2007 Poppy Pin on eBay , photo only showed front of pin and no mention of size. Boy was I dumb ! :o

Today one is on eBay , again only photo of front and screen grab of an earlier listing which sold for £60.00.

Seller has one for 'bids' and one 'buy it now' for £10.00.

"2007 poppy pin badge,rare date, small version. 30mm includuding green branch"

30mm may be small compared to some Poppy badges/brooches but compared to genuine ones it is hugh.

mike_vee 13-03-20 01:53 PM

Wanted list
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Another one on my list acquired , found by a mate who knows I collect Poppy Pins. :)

mike_vee 21-03-20 07:33 AM

VE Day 75
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Poppy Shop has just started selling commemorative pins for VE Day 75 , Army/Navy/RAF. Other items include 'V' poppy pin.

mike_vee 21-03-20 10:32 AM

VE Day - Stories of Home Pin
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Another "special" from Poppy Shop (£29.99 + postage).

"Both solider and civilian are united as one, two sides of the coin, one side smooth and polished, the other hammered to reflect the sacrifices made and the challenged endured, both in service and in life."

Nice but another one I'll give a miss.

mike_vee 26-03-20 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by mike_vee (Post 503476)
Poppy Shop has just started selling commemorative pins for VE Day 75 , Army/Navy/RAF. Other items include 'V' poppy pin.

My pins arrived today , wasn't sure if there would be a delay from warehouse/supplier.

Sad to think that planned V.E Day events are being cancelled due to virus.

"With regards to the VE Day commemorations, the Legion has taken the difficult decision not to continue with plans to facilitate attendance for members of the Second World War generation at events in London for VE75. The Legion is working with the Government to develop alternative commemorations for VE Day."

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