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Mike Jackson 12-04-19 10:15 AM

RN Headdress - WW2 period
Could anyone please tell me the correct RN nomenclature for:
First - the normal circular ratings cap and Second - the knitted cap known to Pongos as a "Cap Comforter"? Thanks.

Guzzman 12-04-19 11:44 AM

The blue cap was officially designated 'Cap, Cloth, Blue' and the white cap was the 'Cap, Duck, White'. Caps worn in WWII were indeed circular and only changed to an oval shape in September 1945 under A.F.O. 5563/45.

Woollen gloves, mittens, comforters and balaclava helmets were issued gratuitously from service sources to personnel serving in northern waters. Comforts committees also provided knitted wollens to seamen from patterns supplied by the Admiralty. As far as I have been able to ascertain the comforter was simply designated as a 'Comforter, Cap' - though I feel sure that they would have got a 'Knitted' in there somewhere!

Partially answered your question at least!


Mike Jackson 12-04-19 07:43 PM

Excellent - very many thanks.

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