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Jeremy 05-12-18 02:00 AM

Unknown Badge? Need help identifying please
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Hi All, My name is Jeremy and I’m a lapel badge collector from Australia. I’ve been to 28 countries and do my best to stop by military stores and antique store to find unique one off items such as lapel pins. Recently, well in Canberra, I popped into an antique store and found this lapel pin, looked interesting and of course purchased it, I can see it’s marked with an British order badge but upon searching, I found very little info about it and wondered if anyone would be able to please help me identify it. Cheers, J

Bill A 05-12-18 02:16 AM

Hi Jeremy, welcome to the Forum.Your account is active and open for posts.

Flatdog 05-12-18 06:09 AM

Hi Jeremy,

The badge in question is the Order of the British Empire (OBE) Civil Division,
Military Division would have a grey strip down the centre. Strictly a civilian lapel badge.


Jeremy 05-12-18 09:15 AM

Hi Clay,

Thank you so much for you help in identifying the badge, greatly appreciated.


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