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mashbamforth 02-04-21 08:22 PM

Question about khaki berets
Evening all

New user here, not much of a collector, but am interested in the post war side of things.

Regarding this, when were the first khaki infantry berets issued? I know they were issued to infantry officers in the war, but what happened when infantry regiments began to be issued with the navy blue beret?

Bill A 02-04-21 11:10 PM

Hello mashbamforth, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

Flatdog 03-04-21 03:24 AM


First the correct term for the blue beret is Midnight Blue, not Navy Blue.

The 1st Battalion the Royal Norfolk Regiment joined 24th Guards Independent Brigade Group in 1942; the Guards Officers wore a khaki beret and the Norfolks adopted it at the time. The beret went out of use after the war but was re-adopted in 1960, and has continued in use. It was adopted by the rest of the Royal Anglian Regiment in 1970 and the wearing of it extended to Warrant Officers. The Regiment complete went to khaki berets in 1976.

Later on, The Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) adopted the Khaki beret as its more "tactical" than the blue. Late 70's early 80's the Guards adopted the same if I remember correctly


mashbamforth 03-04-21 12:57 PM

Thank you very much for this :)

if i may ask a small follow up question.

Did Green Jacket antecedents and light infantry regiments wear the rifle green beret from the 1950's onwards, or did they adopt it at a similar time as the other infantry regiments adopted the Khaki beret?

mashbamforth 04-04-21 07:48 AM

Thank you very much for this, rookie error on my part calling it navy blue.

I have seen examples of Khaki berets that were made much before this, or at least appear to be made long before.

Were these one off examples?

Also, if i may add another question, did the light infantry regiments and Green Jackets antecedents wear a rifle green beret from the introduction of berets, or did they follow the same rule as the others?

A lot of questions there, apologies for bombarding you with them.

Flatdog 05-04-21 12:43 AM


First you are very welcome.

Second, Rifle and Light Infantry Regiments started to wear Rifle Green berets mid 50's.

Thirdly, The first beret in the link provided is an 80's issue, and The Durham Light infantry wore Midnight Blue postwar before moving to Rifle Green, at which point they amalgamated into a "Large" Regiment The Light Infantry. Therefore this beret is incorrectly badged.

The second link is for the badge and hackle for the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. This beret is incorrect and should be Midnight Blue not khaki as the Fusiliers all wore the aforementioned and continue in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. In fact this is the last Infantry Regiment to wear Midnight Blue at present.

Hope this helps,

mashbamforth 05-04-21 03:00 PM

Thank you very much for the information, i am very grateful


mashbamforth 06-04-21 07:44 PM

Evening again

Just now by pure coincidence , i stumbled upon a pixture in the IWM archives of a member of the K.O.Y.L.I wearing what appears to be a Khaki beret:

I thought i'd leave it, as i'd hate to bring up something i thought was laid to rest, but i think it is interesting enough to share.



Flatdog 08-04-21 02:19 AM

Hi Mash,

Good eye, I didn't even think about KOYLI, they did in fact wear a khaki beret but not for long as they amalgamated into The Light Infantry around 1968. In WW2 they wore the General Service "beret" with band and made of several pieces of cloth. I do recall they wore this with a Rifle green backing to the badge.

All the best,


mashbamforth 08-04-21 02:56 PM

Well thank you very much, that has been invaluable.


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