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Luke H 26-02-21 11:34 PM

Worcestershire Regiment - Blank Firm Scroll
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I seem to recall these Worcestershire Regiment badges with the erased Firm scroll being discussed on here a few times previously.

Was a conclusion reached as to who wore this blank scroll version?

Having tried searching several terms I was only able to find one very old thread which ended with nothing definitive.

MH331 27-02-21 10:22 AM

Interesting FIRM was a Regimental motto rather than a Battle Honour to which volunteers would not be entitled. Iíll look in my Badges of the Worcestershire Regiment book.

Luke H 27-02-21 12:04 PM

Many thanks Mark.

I know the other thread touched on the 1st V.B. Worcs not having the scroll at all, it’s entirely absent on a version of their badge I’ve seen with a tagged South Africa honour scroll.

This led to the suggestion, as these being brass rather than WM and on short sliders, were Territorials. However it also potentially opens the door for Militia and Cadets.

My gut says TF is most likely.

Luke H 05-03-21 04:30 PM


MH331 06-03-21 02:05 PM


Badges of the Worcestershire Regiment page 83 says the following “It is notable that the 1st (VB) eschewed the use of FIRM on this (cap badge) and other badges “. I can find no other reference to blank scrolls so cadets or former 1 VB soldiers who served pre 1923 may be contenders.



Luke H 06-03-21 07:30 PM

Many thanks indeed Mark for taking the time to check.

I’ve heard from a friend that one was in the Professor Charles Thomas collection amongst a lot of OTC badges, that could of course be a red herring as the late Professors attributions were not without fault. Conversely it may point to the Cadet theory if he was correct.

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