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Bill A 09-07-09 04:36 PM

Reproductions for the Canadian Badge Registry
The increasing number of reproduction / copy / fantasy Canadian badges poses a significant problem for collectors, new and old. An online reference can identify and document the bogus badges. As has been discussed in other threads, the Canadian Badge Index can be used to disseminate the information about repros and fantasy badges. Would forum members who have expertise or knowledge of repro / fantasy / fake badges please submit a text description and images of said badges. These will be added to the Index.
Images should be your property or have permission for use.
And, there are still many badge images needed for the Index. Some of the missing badges are common, while others are rare. Filling in the blanks will help sort out the real from the repro.

Pink 03-11-09 03:50 AM

Bill....just received a badge which I am sure is a cast reproduction...will leave the pics and my description to your dissemination....known examples are in Copper...this one is in brass, has vertical cast lines above both rear lugs...and the cast lines go right thru the tops of the they are excellently cast in as well....cast lines, wrong material are the clues...there were a couple available online so I jumped at one, as the Officers were/are is the Overseas version of the 12th Canadian Infantry Charlton number 12B-??..let me know your thoughts before I return u have an email addy I can fwd the pics to this..

Bill A 03-11-09 12:54 PM

Hi Floyd, Please use the personal message function, and we can go from there.

DavidS 10-12-10 08:18 PM

Cape Breton Highlanders 'money maker'
Slow day, so let's open a can of forum worms. Talking to a dealer in Halifax this past spring, he told me the following. There were surplus buckled annulus overlays for the CBH M-137a badge available which have been affixed to non-buckled M-137 bases (a fair number of which you see with no overlays) then passed off as legitimate M-137a badges. His advice was "if you can't read CANADA on the back of the badge in the crown, don't buy it." The M-137a badge has the word CANADA in the crown band, the later, M-137 badge does not. Further to this, the buckled annulus isn't on the badge base either.

I've seen legit. versions that pass the CANADA test, but of late I have seen one ebay seller who has sold one and just listed another of these non-Canada base versions.

I usually take 'I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy' stories with some salt, but this one does made sense to me as told, since I see no reason why non-buckled annulus bases would be made concurrent with a buckled annulus issue badge. My apologies to Bill A., since this is a pic. of one of his badges, but it does show the lack of the CANADA in the crown band and the buckled annulus from the back.

So, confirmation? Conjecture? Added thoughts?

(yes, I corrected my mis-numbered numbers!)

jim a 11-12-10 02:23 AM

M 157 is the Saskatoon Light Infantry.... I know that you are talking exclusively about the Cape Breton Highlanders badges M137 and M137a... but some other members might not be familiar and could be confused

DavidS 11-12-10 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by jim a (Post 92355)
M 157 is the Saskatoon Light Infantry.... I know that you are talking exclusively about the Cape Breton Highlanders badges M137 and M137a... but some other members might not be familiar and could be confused

Thanks for catching that. Edited my original post to correct my fat fingerism :o

Bill A 11-12-10 12:54 PM

Hi David, You have raised my suspicions about that badge again. I was uneasy with it when I acquired it, but ... (hope springs eternal...).
Now I think it fits the situation you have presented. The vendor was known to have "questionable" badges, but also some gems. So, I took a chance. (Unfortunately, he is now decesased, and the business is gone..)
Was there any indication of the method used to attach the overlay? One would suspect a modern type of glue. While the older badges were ? (Sweated on?)

DavidS 11-12-10 04:31 PM

Sorry, Bill, anything I could add would be total conjecture. If anyone from the Forum is from Halifax or area, maybe they could talk to Martin at Citadel Coins, as he is the guy who gave me this story, to find out if he knows anything more. I see Bondy lists a buckled CBH in his list of repros, but whether this cobbling was his doing, I have no idea. By the way, the few (two, I think) buckled CBH I've handled both had sliders, if that adds anything to the good vs. bad detail.

DavidS 11-12-10 04:36 PM

8th Recce reunion
Forgot to add this personal suspicion. Sort of a repro repro question? Scully made a reunion badge for the 8th Recces, and as far as I know these are all maker marked. Bondy made a repro which is listed in his catalogue. Of late, there have been a handful of unmarked 8th Recce 'reunion' badges sold on eBay, so my question is are the unmarked ones actually Bondy repros from the 1980s? Anyone have a marked Scully that could be compared to someone's unmarked reunion badge to see if they are indeed different beasts?

barriefield-brian 11-12-10 06:30 PM

8th recce reunion
2 Attachment(s)
Here is a reunion badge scully marked. Cheers Brian

Vincent 08-01-11 07:47 PM

Hi to all.
And the price nowadays for a genuine VIII RECCE cap badge if some can be bought ? Thanks.

barriefield-brian 08-01-11 08:06 PM

Genuine 8th recce have last sold at $500- $600 though its still possible to get a bargain. Cheers Brian

Pylon1357 12-01-11 08:07 AM

Brian, thanks for posting the Scully marked reunion badge. I have as a filler at this point. I am on a mission in early February to get a genuine 8th RECCE for my collection.

I have set the date early February as I am home for HLTA for 16 days. Hope to get one at the Markham show on the 5th.

chaudiere1944 19-01-11 01:59 AM

I just noticed this 8th Recce Cap Badge for Sale at this site for $650 is on page 2 of their website.

I have no connection to the Seller.


Vincent 19-01-11 09:14 PM

Thanks for the informations. Too much indeed, is this a genuine badge ??? But really want to get one, one day ! Prices increasing...

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