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Waddy 06-02-20 06:19 AM

collar badges
Excuse me, new here, and maybe one of you would be so kind as to help me out. Tried finding it all online, but still stuck

I have a WWI British other ranks uniform with web gear. I understand how and when the brass cap badge was used, and the brass shoulder badges.

I can't find much on how and when the brass collar badges were used. I do know there is an officer and an enlisted version most of the time. Some enlisted uniforms show shoulder badges and hat badges but no collar badges; some show all these badges. Some show NO shoulder or collar badges.

Any details one of you could offer to enlighten me as to how brass collar badges were used?


Bill A 06-02-20 12:43 PM

Hi Waddy, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

wardog 06-02-20 01:42 PM

In general-British Other Ranks/ORs- did not use collar badges in the Great War period, but his is not a 100% rule- I'm sure those who collect collar badges will be able to give more detail. Regards, Paul.

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