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GregN 02-06-19 05:14 PM

Variant King's Own Calgary Regiment Officers' Badge
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Hi all, I picked up a nice variation on the officers' King's Own Calgary Regiment (Calgary Tanks) badge. The badge on the right is the common variant. On the left is what I believe is an earlier version. It's my belief that on the accession of Elizabeth, the kings crown die was used but the new Elizabethan crown replaced the kings crown. Later a whole new die with the ERII crown was manufactured. This would also mean that there is a earlier version of the post-war, pre 1952 officers Calgary Regiment badge out there. If anyone has such a badge and wants to part with it, please PM me!

GregN 11-12-19 04:21 PM

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Updating my post on the post-war King's and Queen's Calgary Regiment officers badges. A few months after this post I was able to acquire a post-war King's crown version which is clearly marked by Scully. My Queen's crown version is probably a Gaunt example. Clearly, each company made postwar versions of the officers badge without the sunrays over the crown and retained the design on the change to an Elizabethan crown. I'm happy to have examples in my collection now.

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