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RCN 25-08-08 04:53 PM

Signalman branch
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The Signal branch has been around since the days of sail. Originally ship to ship communication was carried out by voice, & at a distance, by coloured flags. I am sure every reader has seen RPPC's of HMS Victory with a full spread of signal flags flying at her yards, usually with Nelson's famous signal hoisted at Trafalgar.

Later flag communication was transmitted by semaphore - that is, sailors spelling out letters & numbers with hand held signal flags. Obviously this was used more for closer communication between ships. Semaphore could also be tramsmitted by large signal arms placed high in the ship, greater distances could be covered by this method. Signals could also be transmitted from ship to ship & ship to shore via signal light & this practice was very common up to & during WWI.

Signalmen were responsible for all forms of flag & light communication on board ships, & later morse code could also be transmitted by flag if necessary.

The distinctive crossed semaphore flags rate badge did not appear until 1890, & this logo has remained the same up to modern times.

Illustrated below are the Signal rate badges from 1890 up to post WWII period.

RCN 16-12-08 04:35 PM

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Illustrated below are the rate badges for a Chief Yeoman of Signals WWI period:

These badges are worn in pairs on the lapels of the CPO tunic. A similar set for WWII is shown in the post above.

RCN 16-12-08 04:44 PM

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Examples of WWII economy embroidered Signal rate badges. These badges were emnbroidered in silk & {possibly} rayon thread & replaced the gold wire embroidered badges.

RCN 16-12-08 04:50 PM

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During WWII the Coder branch was created as part of the Signal branch. Coder rating were drawn from Signalman & these ratings dealt primarily with cypher coding & decoding of secret & confidential messages.
Coder rate badges period was from 1941 to 1948.

Illustrated below are examples of Coder rate badges:

nbroadarrowz 21-12-19 10:30 PM

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Do you have any idea on this badge?

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