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Phill Lockett 29-10-19 05:49 PM

Canada USA Eagle WWII?
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Hi friends

How say you on this Canada USA eagle.

The images are from a friend


dragon166 29-10-19 11:47 PM

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A genuine item and came in pairs, this one is for the right arm. Attached pic shows several versions.

Phill Lockett 30-10-19 04:45 AM

Thanks Dave

Is this British or Canadian made?


dragon166 30-10-19 10:30 AM

I believe they were all made in Canada.

Bill A 30-10-19 12:20 PM

The patch was for US citizens who came north to volunteer for the RCAF. For reasons unexplained the RCAF allowed the national identification of US citizens while the US was still neutral. The Canadian army fought an on-going battle with soldiers of US citizenship who had come north and enlisted, and then wore a USA title. Despite repeated requests to wear a USA nationality title, it was ruled that such titles should not be worn.

Phill Lockett 30-10-19 05:09 PM

Thank you Dave/ Bill

appreciate the help.


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