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badgecollector 22-12-17 08:01 AM

unknown South Australian Jubilee patch/badge
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hi all
rehashing this one as i still cant identify the item or the reason for it.
unknown South Australian Jubilee patch/badge
any help appreciated

fairlie63 22-12-17 08:33 AM

It is possible that it was a ribbon awarded for one of the events or celebrations. Couple of references above, must have been a fairly big show.


badgecollector 22-12-17 09:26 AM

thanks keith
seems so obvious now but never thought of an exhibition.
i contacted the SA state library and museum and they had no idea.
how strange.

kingsley 22-12-17 09:37 AM

Looks like my brass badge
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Hi, the Advance Australia badge in the centre of the Jubilee patch looks brass to me, certainly not woven bullion. Here is a scan of my badge that I have had for years and long wondered about. I previously thought it might be unofficial Boer War, but it now appears much earlier and distinctive to Sth Australia. Sorry the scan is small, hope it is legible.
The Advance Australia motto was used by the Australian Natives Association who were so strong in SA that they provided a company of the Adelaide Rifles with their own coat-of-arms badge (different to this pattern and with ANA in the centre).

lettman 22-12-17 09:46 AM

Great items -- thanks for the posts. I'm South Australian but I have to admit to never having seen these before. Something to look out for in the junk shops (ha ha!).

badgecollector 22-12-17 11:06 AM

hi kingsley
the badge is gilt/brass and sewn to the patch. what attachments if any does yours have?
i originally thought it was Australian Natives Association or something to do with them but as you say, its different design.
it certainly dates pre boer war and hopefully one day will find out what exactly it is and was used for

kingsley 23-12-17 01:34 AM

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The badge was in bad condition when I got it, just a solder smear on the back and unclear what its original fixinghs might have been. I doubt if someone would have made a brass badge specially to go in the middle of the Jubilee patch, so maybe it was worn by someone else, somewhere else.
Attached also another mystery Advance Australia badge, this one hand-cut brass like a boer War title, but larger and with different quarterings in the coat of arms.

badgecollector 23-12-17 01:59 AM

thanks kingsley
i agree, probably not specifically made for the patch.
i love your other hand cut one. i would have said best bet Boer war era.

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