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Ex Supt Clk RAOC 23-09-21 11:32 AM

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Hi all

Attached (i hope) are photos of an Anodised Aluminium Corps of Royal Engineers cap badge, not at all unusual in itself but this one i found recently has the Toye Kenning and Spencer makers mark, TKS (reference Marsh 12.1 - TKS in an enclosed box).

I have not seen this mark on this badge before and just wondered how common or not it is? Common or rare it will make a fine addition to my collection.

Your comments would be most welcome


Ex Supt Clk RAOC 23-09-21 11:49 AM

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My Anodised Aluminium badges also with the same mark (RE just added)

I have two gaps for badges that i do know exist with this mark (RHA & RRF)
but if anyone knows of any others then i am keen to know.
photos would be most appreciated.


Mike H 23-09-21 04:25 PM

That mark was on the RLC badges when they 1st appeared so i assume it covers around 1990 onwards.
If i recall correctly,the Royal Irish with slider and Royal Irish with lugs both have this mark.

Ex Supt Clk RAOC 23-09-21 06:18 PM

The one in my photo attached to post 2 is on a slider.
I have seen the lugged version but i don't believe i have one in my collection

norfolk regt man 23-09-21 09:24 PM

The TKS marked R Anglian is one of the ugliest royal Anglian badges out there. I dislike the way that the flat castle does not fit the star . Looks like something you got from a petrol station in the 70s

dumdum 23-09-21 10:03 PM

TKS is possibly Toye, Kenning & Spencer. Big makers of Masonic regalia and, presumably, also doing badges.....:)

leigh kitchen 24-09-21 06:15 AM


Ex Supt Clk RAOC 24-09-21 08:54 AM


Yes, TKS is Toye Kenning & Spencer
They have used 3 different makers marks during their production of cap badges, the TKS mark in the box is the most modern mark and i believe it is still used on the modern metal badges they produce now for Corps and Regiments. I understand that this particular makers mark has been in use since circa 1990.


bess55 25-09-21 06:28 AM

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Steve, you have to add the following to your TKS (in a box) wants list;-
Intelligence Corps

The UDR was most likely never worn by them but manufactured for the Royal Irish Regt, who continued to wear the gold coloured UDR cap badge in the green beret.

Additionally there are at least 2 more Toye Kenning & Spencer Marks on anodised badges;'
TOYE ( rear of Royal Irish Regt Caubeen badge with lugs)
TOYE.COM ( found on Royal Irish Rangers rear)

Pics attached.

Regards all


dumdum 25-09-21 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by leigh kitchen (Post 560266)

Yep, posted a bit too quick and then saw that it is indeed them...:rolleyes:

Ex Supt Clk RAOC 25-09-21 11:42 AM

Thanks Bess
Just the sort of information i was looking for, = more to find....
Many thanks

leigh kitchen 25-09-21 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by dumdum (Post 560364)
Yep, posted a bit too quick and then saw that it is indeed them...:rolleyes:

I did what I hate some people doing on forum - instead of posting a useful, informative reply like " Yes, it is them" I did the cryptic "Possibly?" "Oh really" thing. Sorry about that, In my defence I'll claim I was just distracted and in a hurry at the time, not deliberately doing the smart asp I know better than you thing that some do.

bess55 25-09-21 01:17 PM

Steve, I'll check my spares box mate.

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