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Postwarden 05-12-18 05:16 PM

WA Jolliffe, Tailors
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Does anyone have any knowledge of this company, at one time based at 176 Butt Road, Colchester CO3 3DT?

In the late 1950s they were supplying woven formation signs like those shown to several Regular and TA formations which were considered a considerable improvement on the then almost universal printed signs.

They may have been the Garrison tailors.

Any help appreciated.


GriffMJ 05-12-18 05:27 PM

I have heard of them.... the formation patch on the right was worn by the Derbyshire Yeomanry and was seen in the LDYPAO.
This BD jacket belongs to Lt. Col. P V Radford, second commanding officer of the LDY PAO Regiment.

Postwarden 05-12-18 05:41 PM


Thanks. Great battledress!


bobscot 05-12-18 06:56 PM

Definitely the Garrison Tailor in Colchester. Had my BD pleated, trade bands and the red viking stitched on. Changed to No2 dress when it came out and all alterations done by Jolliffes. 1960-62.

bobanodised 06-12-18 07:39 AM

Now Costello’s Military Tailors, I think Jolie’s closed around 2000. It was a nice Little goldmine for badges

Postwarden 06-12-18 10:04 AM

Thank you gentlemen, Exactly the information I was after.


Expat Yeoman 07-12-18 10:15 AM

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From our Regimental journal (1993)

Postwarden 07-12-18 10:41 AM

Very interesting.

Thank you.


Charles Brown 11-01-22 09:36 PM

Lovely to see your posts.
My Grandfather was Maj C A Brown QM MBE,
And finished his career at Colchester.
When I came along in the 70s,
Grandad used to pop in to see his friend Bill Jollife, round at Butt rd? He certainly did the garrison alterations.
Bill used to look after me whilst Grandad gave driving lessons.
I remember sheets draped over various machines, he always said they were his daleks!
I had so much choice and was allowed occasionally to have a badge for myself.
In about 86, Bill tailored my first ever suit, for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary at the Masonic hall, I have very fond memories of Bill,
thanks, this has made my day, Charles Brown

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