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49lassiepen 03-10-14 07:39 PM

Notice one of these for sale on ebay 100.00 or make an offer This is on from a very large lot of these badges sold at Laidlaws auctions which I suspect was purchased from the original purchaser via ebay 13.00?? I purchased one from the original purchaser of this lot for less than 20% of the now asking price Items are mint condition H.W.TIMINGS LTD B'HAM maker marked I am sure the original purchaser would sell these for a lot less If anybody is interested P.M me and i will forward your request on


49lassiepen 03-10-14 07:51 PM

After an email to the seller now down to 65 .00

hagwalther 03-10-14 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by 49lassiepen (Post 279995)
After an email to the seller now down to 65 .00

Hi David,

Although these are scarce(ish) badges they are not rare and only come with a Tudor Crown. However, they remained on inventory until the late 1960's being replaced with the Tayforth University OTC cap badge. None were ever made with the St.Edwards Crown.

Although authorised to be replaced by the St. Andrews Uni OTC (as opposed to the UTC version) badge, at least at sketch level, none appear to have been manufactured.

Price wise I would say that 25GBP was more than enough and even at that price it should be in mint condition.

When writing my book I spent quite a few hours looking into this badge and more exact details with doco references can be found on pages 572-573.



Mike H 03-10-14 09:00 PM

Interesrtingly a form of this badge lives on. The pipes of Tayforth UOTC wear a scrolless badge in the collar with a KC and made from what i suspect is new "white" metal.

hagwalther 04-10-14 09:04 PM

Hi Guys,

Not sure of the material content of these collar badges but they look very modern and possibly post A/A.

Note the use of the Tudor Crown.



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