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manchesters 10-06-21 06:22 PM

Men who were POW were put on the Roll of the Reserve Battalion for the duration, hence the 3rd on his MM.

Basically ignore it, he won it in a fighting Battalion in France, the 4th.


Arcweld 10-06-21 07:55 PM

Many Thanks
Thanks to everyone, particularly Leigh. Very interesting to see that he was a POW and I also agree that he was with the 4th battalion. Really appreciate all the information. Fascinating what can be found out.

wardog 10-06-21 08:46 PM

Useful information Simon. Regards, Paul.

MarkGD 11-06-21 05:42 AM

Nice work Leigh, Regards Mark

leigh kitchen 11-06-21 07:29 AM

The War Diaries of the 4th Bn are listed amongst those on or due to be put online by The National Archives, it could be that there's mention in them of the man and his actions that won him the MM and of an award ceremony.

Frank Kelley 11-06-21 07:44 AM

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Sadly, not much left for this particular man, born on the 23rd of April 1887 at Kirkdale, the enemy have him as been captured at Meteren on the 16th of April 1918 and then marched up to Belgium and put into the bag in Termonde.
The Red Cross show him missing the following day, I think I would go with the Hun on date.
Interesting that he was a member of one of A Companies Lewis Gun sections too.


Originally Posted by Arcweld (Post 551861)
Thanks for the info all,
Service number 39218 PTe R.McCormick.
Military medal inscribed “For Bravery in the Field”

Thanks for the clarification on the “R” I had seen that the 3rd Battalion Liverpool was a reserve battalion which was making me wonder if that was what the R stood for. Makes much more sense that it stands for Regiment.

What is confusing me is if the 3rd Battalion was stationed in the UK and Ireland how a medal for Bravery in the field can be earned.

Thanks for the Records reference, I will update if I find out more.
Many thanks everyone

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