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ravrick 24-04-21 07:29 PM

Framed badges from attic
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Just sorting out some bits in the attic and remembered I had these tucked away, some nice bits?

SAS cloth beret badge belonged to 3130237 Trooper Robert K Dunn 1 SAS ex Royal Scots Fusiliers (completed Para cse No 5 1st March 1944)
SAS wings are from an Officers service dress belonging to Lt I Jacks SAS early 1960's?

QC Army pilots bullion wings - officers service dress

Not sure of the others as I picked up the GPR pilots wings at an auction in Andover and the others are lucky car boot finds...


ravrick 24-04-21 07:33 PM

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More pictures

3battalion 25-04-21 03:27 AM

Some lovely insignia Rick - nice find in the Attic!

PM sent about some medals.


Mike B 25-04-21 07:50 AM

Always good to have some attribution. Scope for research and, if lucky, portrait photo.

Jack8 25-04-21 05:11 PM

Some nice pieces there, I particularly like the SAS beret badge and the two SAS wings which are typical 1950's in my opinion.

Luc 02-05-21 08:32 PM

I like the GPR wings with the slender lion, it appears to be not entirely full size but not as small as the post-war wings.

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