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tonyb 17-10-20 10:54 AM

Motto is it real or fake?
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Can I ask if this is a genuine 17th/21st Lancers motto?
If it's OK I will be selling in the classifieds section.
Thanks Tony.

GriffMJ 17-10-20 11:27 AM

.... here is a real one Tony.

.... the pre 1946 Firmin Motto can also be found with a makers mark.
(Polished high points on this example)

tonyb 17-10-20 01:58 PM

Thanks Griff
Unfortunately I'm still non the wiser!
Tony :o

Luke H 17-10-20 10:49 PM

If you search winking or flat eye motto all will be revealed.

The Firmin die has been heavily restruck damaging the right eye socked which as you can see on Griff’s nice examples should go into a point on both eyes.

Your badge has the beginnings of the wink and poor reverse detail on the scroll as encountered on the restrikes. Later strikes have also developed a linear flaw across forehead.

cbuehler 17-10-20 11:48 PM

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I presume this to be another example of the damaged eye socket?


GriffMJ 18-10-20 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by interceptor (Post 525883)
Not sure if this helps..

Thats a "V eyes" motto..... they can have flat spots in the eye sockets in later strikes. Early strikes have clean sharp points in the eye sockets.

tonyb 18-10-20 10:31 AM

Thanks for clarification chaps.

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