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grey_green_acorn 23-06-22 02:22 PM

Royal Marines QC in SILVER anodised
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Another oddity?

Royal Marines cap badge with Queen's Crown all in silver anodised.

Shown for comparison with a gold anodised back of a Devon & Dorset cap badge.


bess55 24-06-22 10:01 AM

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Another odd one Tim as it shows signs of wear, particularly on the lugs. An odd colour error as it should be all one piece gold of course.

I found a strange one in a junk shop in Lincoln a few years ago - usual one piece RM anodised o/r's cap badge, but the globe has been silvered. This is not an error, but a definite creation. Not seen another and would like to know what/why it exists.


Compared to the usual Officers/WO.1 anodised cap badge in 2 piece construction.

Mike H 24-06-22 01:28 PM

I think Tims was an Officers badge in waiting. Didnt get to go into the gold tank.
I wonder if they did a trial piece either for SNCOs or Warrant Officers hence the silver globe Bess. It doesnt seem to be a wrong colour error or maybe it got mixed up with the globe and laurels and got silvered anyway.

Royal 25-06-22 06:31 AM

Officers' badges have always been 2 part.

Never seen anything like it in my time in the Corps.

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