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rmarsden 28-02-16 12:01 PM

Officers/SNCOs Victorian glengarry badge.
Cast silver plated back star, fire gilt overlay with separate silver numerals.

Alex Rice 28-02-16 12:57 PM


Roy 28-02-16 03:05 PM

I second that Ron...stunning...!

Jeff Mc William 28-02-16 06:01 PM

A really lovely example Ron. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jeff

rmarsden 29-02-16 03:11 PM

42nd Officers Victorian glengarry badge.
Unmarked silver back star mounted with a fire gilt overlay (sun bleached). Conjoined silver numerals mounted to the centre. Pleasing blue tarnish to the silver.

Jeff Mc William 29-02-16 05:30 PM

Another excellent piece. I notice the "ET" spelling, the different construction, and different QVC this time. How many variations on this theme were there ? Regards Jeff

rmarsden 29-02-16 07:35 PM

Hi Jeff, I guess as many versions as there are makers. Will post another version tomorrow.

rmarsden 01-03-16 08:53 AM

This officers example by Anderson, cast silver plated star gilt overlay somewhat rubbed with a pinched style of crown. Separate silver numerals to the center.

rmarsden 03-03-16 01:35 PM

The snco's version in gm and white metal.

41st 03-03-16 03:51 PM

Great badges. Thanks for posting them.

rmarsden 05-03-16 03:37 PM

42nd kilmarnock numerals excavated condition unusual to find with intact lugs.

rmarsden 07-03-16 09:02 AM

Snco's 1902-37 glengarry badge.
Die-struck silver plated back star with brazed on scrolls. Separate silver numerals.

rmarsden 14-03-16 11:20 AM

SNCO's glengarry badge attributed to Pipe Major Thomas Clark.
Silver plated die-struck back star, separate silver numerals.
His kirby grip replacement cotter pin holds the overlay tight even though only passing through the top lug. High degree of polish wear.

rmarsden 16-03-16 10:11 AM

Another SNCOs glengarry badge all die-struck.
Gilt covered with heavy lacquer staining silver numerals to the centre.

Advsmt 16-03-16 12:28 PM

Ron as always great badges. The lacquer staining; do you think that was added by a collector fairly recently (post WWII) or back in time, or in-service? Seen a few badges that have been lacquered.


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