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RCN 20-11-09 06:43 PM

CAF(N) Submariner badge
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The first issue CAF(N) Submariner qualification badge was an exact copy, both in size & design, of the former RCN Sub badge.

It was embroidered in yellow thread on a green background, for wear on the then new Integrated CAF uniform jackets.

I have also illustrated the very rare Officers gilt metal Sub pin badge for wear on the green uniform shirts.
This badge was worn above the medal ribbons on the green uniform shirt, when the jacket was not worn.
My understanding is that it was also worn by PO's & CPO's altho I am unable to accurately verify this. At a very recent show I did speak to a former submariner who served at that early integration time frame, & he thought it was only worn by Officers & the Chief of the Boat.

The metal badge was very short lived however, only in use briefly from approx 1970 to '71.


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