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kaiserwilhelm2 11-06-21 09:24 AM

Huntingdonshire Cyclist Bat
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Goodmorning, Could this well worn and clearly often polished badge be an original? Thanking you in advance for any and all opinions expressed. :)

orasot 11-06-21 03:44 PM

Despite what appears to be a broken back leg it looks ok

Sonofacqms 11-06-21 04:08 PM

Hunts Cyclist
Looks good to me to.


kaiserwilhelm2 11-06-21 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by orasot (Post 551953)
Despite what appears to be a broken back leg it looks ok

Yes there is indeed a small break there unfortunately but if the conclusion is that it is good then I will take that in stride. Thanks for your response!

kaiserwilhelm2 11-06-21 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Sonofacqms (Post 551954)
Looks good to me to.


Thank you Rob. :)

Mike B 12-06-21 09:20 AM

I believe the same badge was worn by Huntingdonshire Home Guard - is there a way to distinguish WW1 cyclist from WW2 Home Guard? or was it simply the same badge?

Home Guard 12-06-21 04:14 PM

Mike, I have always understood that the difference was the location of the attachment of the slider. Cyclist attached to the head and HG attached to the body. Do not know if this is absolute or not.


Mike B 12-06-21 04:59 PM

Many thanks Terry - would be good if anyone can confirm. Thanks for responding.

leigh kitchen 12-06-21 05:22 PM

A few threads about Hunts Cyclist, Home Guard, Kimbolton School badges, slider positioning mentioned in some,

Mike B 16-06-21 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by leigh kitchen (Post 552037)

Many thanks Leigh for your continued help and guidance. Apologies for delayed reply. What a great source this forum is - I should have searched it earlier. It appears the high fixed slider on cyclist and low fixed on Home Guard is a fairly well accepted convention on our Forum. It is interesting to note content in one of the links you provided. I imagine 'spring clip' refers to 'Slider'.

Thanks also to those who open the minefield of cadet / school affiliated badges - a further complication.


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