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Anjoucollector 05-05-19 02:30 PM

2 navy badges
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Good afternoon,

I need your help to identify these badges. Thank you


Guzzman 06-05-19 07:32 PM

2 navy badges
Hello Laurent

The first badge is familiar to me but I cannot remember where I have seen it, but I do not think it is a Royal Navy badge.

The second badge, consisting of a crossed shackle and marline spike, was the badge worn by ratings who were Seaman Specialists in the Royal Navy until about 20 years ago. It is now obsolete.


Nozzer 06-05-19 09:08 PM

It was suggested that I should reply to this thread by someone, although this will be my last post on here.

Both badges are Sea Cadet Corps badges, the first being that of a Cadet Instructor (now obsolete) and the second being for a Cadet 1st Class Qualification in Seamanship worn by a Petty Officer Cadet.

Guzzman 06-05-19 10:33 PM

2 navy badges
Hi Nozzer

Thats where I recognised the first badge from - the SCC! And I should have guessed the second badge was SCC Seamanship too because of the arrangement of stars!

Sorry to hear that this will be your last post. I hope that you only mean on a temporary basis. If not, you'll be missed.


Anjoucollector 07-05-19 05:57 PM

Thank you for your reply and precise identifications


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