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Postwarden 03-01-20 11:45 AM

Calico Printers Cloth Badge Collections - 3
Now that Christmas and New Year are over and the post office should be back to normal the Calico Special of The Formation Sign can be posted to all those who expressed an interest - 31 at the last count.

If you have reserved a copy they are now ready to post so Paypal payment to - accompanied by your address - will see one on its way.

Price including postage is;-
UK 10
Europe 12.50
America/Canada etc 13.50

Any queries please PM me. We still have copies left if you have not already reserved one.

Happy New Year.


Artynut 04-01-20 01:23 AM

Hello Jon, PM sent. Best regards, D.J.

REME 245 04-01-20 09:59 PM

Money sent. Regards NA.

Postwarden 05-01-20 11:32 AM

I am sorting out the admin on this, collating payments and addresses. Copies will be sent by the Society member who dispatches the Formation Sign, the first copies due out this week. Please make sure that your supplied address details on Paypal include your surname

Please bear with me but rest assured you will get your copy.


fairlie63 06-01-20 08:16 AM

Mine arrived in Australia today thanks Jon. Terrific effort thanks. That is GBP22.00 well spent for an annual subscription for articles of this quality.


Postwarden 06-01-20 04:40 PM

The copies bought by Forum members will start to be posted tomorrow.

As it is not always possible to reconcile Forum names with surnames I will list the postcodes to which copies have been mailed, so you will know it's on its way.

The first batch are going to:
M41,FK2,BA14,LE16,PO13 in the UK, 76620 in France and V3Y and L2M in Canada.

Plenty more copies left for those who have not yet bought one.


Postwarden 06-01-20 06:10 PM

I have received 13.50 from Glenn P but have no address to send it to. Can he please PM it to me.


Postwarden 07-01-20 02:06 PM

Glen P has now replied.

Still waiting to be swamped by all those who expressed an interest in the Calico Special FS.


ianh67military 07-01-20 02:17 PM

PM and PayPal sent.

Ian H

Postwarden 07-01-20 03:15 PM


Payment received and label sent to postal team (of one).


Postwarden 10-01-20 04:23 PM

I have now PM'd everyone who asked for details of the Calico Special. If I have managed to miss you please let me know if you are still interested.

My thanks to all who have supported the Society by buying a copy.


Fatboy Ken 10-01-20 05:57 PM

Hiya Jon,

I have sent the money via paypal.
I tried to join the MHS, but i was unable to do it on-line for some unknown reason, never m8nd.


ianh67military 11-01-20 11:05 PM

Received very quickly. Read even quicker.
A very impressive publication. Well worth a tenner. Added a few bits to my wants lists unfortunately.
Ian H

cavalryman 12-01-20 11:07 AM

MHS Calico special edition
Hi Jon, PM sent. regards John

cavalryman 12-01-20 02:18 PM

MHS Calico special edition
Hi Jon, Thanks Paypal done now. regards John

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