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slick_mick 20-11-14 10:08 PM

RAAF Camouflage section badge
Hi Guys,

I was looking through my pics of the Bob Gray badge collection (now in the Army Museum of South Australia) and saw this badge.

RAAF Camouflage section badge.

Does anyone know much about it? Not the best picture but it was cropped from a bigger photo.


beaufighter30 21-11-14 11:24 PM

Actually it is not RAAF specific. It was worn by personnel seconded to all three services, who were all employed by the Department of Homeland Security. If allocated to RAAF they were issued with a RAAF uniform which was then fitted with the Camoufleur badages, but no rank insignia was worn.

Most were artists and photographers and included such famous names as Max Dupain.

The badge was issued in opposing pairs, and with a separate cap badge - only one of which is known to survive.

A good reference on their work (rather than badges/uniforms) is
Camouflage Australia by Ann Elias - which will set you back around $60.

The badges (cap and lapel) appear in my manuscript on RAAF badges - which hopefully I will get published in the near future.


3battalion 31-12-14 10:23 PM

You learn something every day.

Great info.


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