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badgecollector 15-01-22 01:58 AM

unknown lions head
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hi all
any ideas what this could be?
it measures around 5cm in diam
thanks in advance

grey_green_acorn 15-01-22 09:02 AM

Could be one half of a cloak fastening? Sewn on the collar of the cloak and connected to another lions head by a short piece of chain. Might be military or civilian?


badgecollector 15-01-22 10:11 AM

hi tim
think your correct

KOMalta 15-01-22 01:58 PM

I've also seen images/drawings of military regiments (mid-1800s) wearing a sash with a regimental plate and also attached was what seems a lions-head connected by a chain to another ornament.

KOMalta 15-01-22 02:03 PM

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My thought..

badgecollector 15-01-22 08:46 PM

Thanks guys
I don’t think it’s part of a cross belt. I have a couple of cross belts and they are fixed with sturdy screw back attachments to go through leather. This has small holes for sewing onto a garment.
I’m thinking what Tim said. Half a cloak fastener.

grey_green_acorn 15-01-22 10:17 PM

Somewhere I have the other half but it is a blackened lion’s head with a length of chain! I will try and find to photograph.


grey_green_acorn 15-01-22 10:47 PM

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Here it is, probably had it for 50 years! It is lugged!


leigh kitchen 15-01-22 10:48 PM

Are they sew on rather than lugged though?
Blackened brass lugged ones were worn on police capes (I still have my old one, 1950's dated).

leigh kitchen 15-01-22 10:49 PM

Yep, yours looks like a police cape fastening.

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