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Phill Lockett 07-01-22 07:06 PM

Red Black Pugaree Flash ID
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Hi Team

Looking for ID on the flash and what era this would of been used.

The material is felt and feels modern era.



leigh kitchen 07-01-22 07:49 PM

A RA pugaree flash?
(Although a Google suggests 4th Field Regiment RAA).

Phill Lockett 07-01-22 08:07 PM

Hi Leigh

I did come across both suggestions but I have asumed that RA would have been Red Blue and the Black Red was for 1923-1934 period.

And mine looks more modern era? Its quite a thick felt pieces sewn together.



cbuehler 07-01-22 09:59 PM

These RA flashes are difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate as to whether they are Pagri flashes or BD flashes. By the size of it, the bind sewing, and the lack of holes for a device, it is most likely a BD flash.


Phill Lockett 07-01-22 10:10 PM

Thanks CB

Good point so I have just measured with the verticle line as the height 6.5cm x 5cm.

norfolk regt man 07-01-22 10:16 PM

Didn’t the Lincoln regt have this as a badge backing at some point.

leigh kitchen 08-01-22 05:53 AM

R Lincs Regt had a horizontal rectangle divided seasonally, red and dark blue as a badge backing.

grey_green_acorn 08-01-22 08:35 AM

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Here is the Royal Lincolnshire beret flash with the 3 lugged anodised Royal Lincolnshire badge.
Photo from exhibit in the museum of Lincolnshire Life (2011).


Phill Lockett 08-01-22 06:21 PM

Thanks for the input guys.

The only referance I can find is to RA unit as prviously mentioned.

My other thought it might be a reproduction based on the stitching and thick felt.



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