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londonclanger 09-06-21 06:55 AM

Lancashire CD buttons
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These buttons recently cropped up in a job lot of items I received. I have not seen specific Civil Defence buttons like this named to a county before. Although there is a King's crown I am uncertain of a date; I assumed WW2 period but I suppose they could be from the later Civil Defence Corps period. Or perhaps CD isn't for Civil Defence...

Rob Miller 09-06-21 07:26 AM

I've not seen a local Civil Defence area button either.

If it turns out this design who ever wore it was in use for a very short period, could it hint at a link with this "special quality" back mark and Dowler?


mike_vee 09-06-21 10:40 AM

A special/commemorative "stand-down" button ?

Found a letter of appreciation from the Chief Constable of Lancashire.

And reference to a parade in Hyde Park :

On 10 June 1945, before His Majesty King George VI, a farewell parade with representatives of all the Civil Defence Services from across Great Britain took place in Hyde Park, London.
Is it possible the buttons were made for the parade or as souvenir/commemorative item for those who attended the ceremony. :confused:


btns 09-06-21 11:43 AM

There may have been more than one production run.
My 16 mm button has backmark: Wm. Dowler & Sons Ltd, B'ham

Note: It is possible that they pulled backplates from one big box with mixed backmarks.

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