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Alex Rice 20-03-21 09:10 AM

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
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Hi All
Is this badge good or bad?
Thanks, cheers,

Milmed 20-03-21 11:04 AM

Hi Alex,
Full title FANY were WWI era and should be bronze. I think this is one of the fake ones. Stand to be corrected though.


maering 03-12-21 01:09 PM

When I've seen them up for sale bronze seems to be listed as officer's

Alan O 03-12-21 01:12 PM

FANY are unique in that they don't have officer and enlisted ranks. The badges are bronze. Their career and rank structure, being unpaid volunteers, is unique.

Luke H 03-12-21 01:41 PM

Very fake. One courtesy of Mr Marsh.

Alex Rice 04-12-21 06:16 AM

Thanks everyone.

engr9266 04-12-21 07:47 AM

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
3 Attachment(s)
I have the attached 3 First Aid Nursing Yeomanry badges in my collection.
The 1st is Bronze with lugs (possibly a collar badge??) No maker name.
2nd is Bronze, slightly smaller then the 1st but with blades and marked JR GAUNT LONDON.
The 3rd is GM (brass?) with lugs and a smooth back that is maker marked FIRMIN LTD.
So are we saying that the 3rd badge "could" be a repro??

Luke H 04-12-21 11:06 AM

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The badges in picture one and three are repros. Coarse seeding and rounded letter ends etc.

Milmed 04-12-21 02:36 PM

I concur, one and three are repro's of FANY badge c.WWI

#2 is genuine but later period when they became "Womens Transport Service"

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