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Hawthorn 15-01-22 03:19 PM

Ist Cinque Port Volunteers, One for Tiger Pete
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A recent addition to the photograph collection showing a small of group serving with, I believe, The 1st Cinque Port Rifle Volunteers. An interesting photograph showing the '1CP' cloth titles with Cinque Port style cap badges. The caps appear to have a cloth cover over them too. The photograph is mounted on board bearing an Uckfield Photographers Studio mark.

Regards Simon.

Hawthorn 15-01-22 03:30 PM

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Two close up images.


High Wood 15-01-22 05:35 PM

Superb photographs. The caps look slightly strange, are they wearing cap covers over their peaked caps?

Hawthorn 15-01-22 05:52 PM


It appears so, cap covers in a corresponding colour to the uniforms.


Tiger Pete 15-01-22 09:08 PM

Hi Simon,

An excellent photo! Thanks for sharing. Nice clear detail of the badges.

From what I’ve been able to glean from both of Fazan’s books, for officers, the peaked cap replaced the officer’s field service cap in 1904 and was worn as he put it, ‘for best’. It was blue, with a red band and black peak, with a white summer cover. Also in 1904, OR’s were issued the Broderick, so this picture probably dates to shortly after whenever the Broderick was discontinued. I cannot find more specific dates for the use of this cap for ORs, or any reference to a cover for them.

Badges would be the W/M versions worn from 1899 to 1908, when, on joining the TF, they changed to GM, apart from on ceremonial occasions. That this photo pre-dates 1908 is indicated by the ‘1CP’ cloth titles. Reference is made to the cloth ‘1CP’ shoulder titles already being worn in 1902. I hope this is helpful.

Kind Regards,


3dg 15-01-22 09:44 PM

Thank you for posting this Simon.
Supurb photo.

Hawthorn 15-01-22 09:44 PM


Many thanks for those details, thought it would be of interest to you and very pleased to have acquired this photograph.


Thank you, as I say, very pleased to have found it.


Tiger Pete 15-01-22 10:08 PM

Hi Simon,

Having checked, no annual camps were held at Uckfield, but it was the location of the 20th Sussex Corps which became part of the 1st CPRVC from 1870, so well within the local recruiting area of the 1st CPRVC.

Kind Regards,


Hawthorn 16-01-22 09:53 AM


Many thanks for the extra information.


bess55 16-01-22 02:00 PM

Beautiful Lee Metford Mk1 .303 rifles. Quite a rare beast nowadays in good condition I believe.

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