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bluekingcroft 19-03-20 03:57 PM

Newbie question
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Hi Everyone

thank you for letting me join the forum. The attached photo is my Gt.Uncle - Clive Wilson, born in 1877 in Lancashire.

I suspect this picture is First World War, he would be about 40 years old.

I've tried looking for the two badges in the picture, but no luck. Can anyone identify them for me and any other info you can give me about the picture.

thank you in advance

Bill A 19-03-20 09:53 PM

Hello bluekingcroft, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.
The badge on the cap appears to be Royal Engineers.

gb64 19-03-20 10:09 PM

Hello Bluekingcroft welcome to the forum, the cap badge looks to be that of the Royal Engineers as Bill said, not sure on the badge? on his pocket not a military item I suspect ? He also has overseas service stripes on his lower right sleeve, others hopefully might find some more information on him.


Staffsyeoman 19-03-20 10:20 PM

The "badge" on his pocket is a watch fob attached to the chain and bar visible through the pocket flap above the button. Enough to give the Guardroom Sergeant the vapours, but added for "walking out" once he'd reached the civilian photographers. (Perhaps to show to someone eho had given it). Not military.

Malcolm Davey 20-03-20 01:00 AM

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Hello Bluekingcroft welcome to the forum.
Here is what your great Uncles badge looked like

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