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121155 02-08-19 02:28 PM

Unknown mortar
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I came across this mortar at a surplus store today and was wondering if anyone can identify it. I think it may be some sort of signal mortar

grey_green_acorn 02-08-19 02:37 PM

Is it some kind of Lyle Gun for line throwing as in Breeches Buoy and Replenishment at Sea?


121155 04-08-19 06:31 AM

Thanks Tim, Iím leaning towards it not being a genuine surplus item. Itís seems too crude to be milsurp. Maybe it was a prop for a movie or a fantasy item made to look like a mortar.

I cannot find anything similar on line

Mike_2817 04-08-19 10:34 AM

Looks to be like a WW1 trench mortar like a 91cm Lanz mortar used by the German Army or perhaps a film prop of such an item?

121155 07-08-19 04:09 AM

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You have put me on the right track, I found this pic and it looks almost identical

Tanker Mike 29-08-19 03:24 PM

Crown Surplus in Calgary?

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