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GTB 21-07-19 03:12 PM

CEF makers mark
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I have this, to me, very fine specimen of an officer's pattern 7th Bn CEF cap badge.
My question concerns the makers details on a small oval bronze plaque affixed to the back at top centre. The first name is unclear ('.... & SONS. LONDON). My first thoughts were that it could perhaps be a Gaunt 's plaque but only 4 characters appear, unless one of the letters didn't strike well with the die. Either that, or am I missing something here?


GTB 21-07-19 03:25 PM

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Possibly a better back view. Apologies for default rotation


mike_vee 21-07-19 04:29 PM

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A couple of examples on-line with "Hicks & Sons"

Not best image of mark but listed as "CEF Cap Badge WWI 7th Battalion (1st British Columbia) Hicks & Sons London "

GTB 21-07-19 04:42 PM

Thanks, mike vee. Hicks & Sons it is.


redman 04-09-19 08:03 PM

Nice badge, not an officers badge. An other ranks badge.
Kind regards

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