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Neil1689 09-07-19 03:20 PM

Pre 1967 TA Battalions forming the Wessex Volunteers
Good Afternoon
As part of my collection of Wessex Volunteers/Regiment badges and uniform I have a few questions on cap badges of the TA units that went to make up The Wessex Volunteers in 1967.
As far as I know Metal Cap Badges of the 5th Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment (TA) and the 4th Battalion The Dorset Regiment (TA) had no inscription on the plinth under the sphinx.

With the advent of anodised aluminium in the 50ís were badges made specially for these Battalions without the inscriptions?

I assume that the other Battalions that formed the new companies for the Wessex Volunteers, 4th Devons, 4th/5th Royal Hampshire, 4th/6th Royal Berkshire and 4th Wiltshire all used the same badges as their parent regiment.
Would appreciate any information . Neil

Wmr-RHB 09-07-19 05:30 PM

The usage of all badges without honours (like blank plinths of the battalions you mention) was already stopped in 1916. That is before the TA was created (in 1920/21) and way before the 1967 reorganisation.

Mercian 10-07-19 04:43 PM

I am sure they would all have worn the Wessex Brigade badge like the Mercian Volunteers wore the Mercian Brigade badge.

Wmr-RHB 10-07-19 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Mercian (Post 483333)
I am sure they would all have worn the Wessex Brigade badge like the Mercian Volunteers wore the Mercian Brigade badge.

Maybe some confusion here?

He is talking about the pre-1967 period. That is before the Mercian Volunteers and the Wessex Volunteers were created.

In the 1958 - 1967 period the regular battalions wore brigade cap badges and the TA battalions still wore the regimental cap badges (probably to the chagrin of the regulars).

There were even TA battallions that wore Regimental cap badges that were never used as such by the regulars of the same regiment.
(The 3rd and 4th Battailon, The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment wore a regimental cap badge from 1961 to 1967 while the 1st Battalion wore the cap badge of the Home Counties Brigade)

Neil1689 11-07-19 01:35 PM

Thanks for clearing that up. Know what to look out for. Neil

Wmr-RHB 11-07-19 07:17 PM

Maybe, like in the thread about the Lancasters, this might be of interest:

When you go to the battalions listing above the Wessex Volunteers and click on them, you get the charts of those.

Neil1689 12-07-19 02:52 PM

Hi Henk,Thanks for taking the time to post the link. All in one page, great.

Mercian 15-07-19 09:54 AM

Just a thought l know that the Mercian Volunteers companies continued wearing their parent regiments collar dogs, buttons stable belts and lanyards from 1967 until a 2nd battalion was formed in 1975. I would think that the Wessex Volunteers would have done the same.

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