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ojd 23-06-19 10:24 PM

Thanks for letting me in
Dear All,

Thank you for allowing me in. I thought it polite to say a quick hello, before I post anything.

I am not a badge collector per se, but, as a British and Canadian military medal collector (my mother is Canadian), I am interested in the badges associated with the unit, ship, trade etc of the man or woman whose medals I am researching. I therefore have a small collection of badges, which I enjoy having and learning about. My hope on the forum is to learn, but also very happy to 'give back' where I can.

Apart from Napoleonic medals, I don't really have a theme - the medals I tend to go for are WW1 (Navy, Army and Air Force) to interesting men or women who were perhaps involved in 'off the beaten track' actions, which were often (but not necessarily) scarce to units / ships etc., or maybe interesting civilian lives pre or post service. Whatever, they must catch my imagination in some way and will (usually) represent a research opportunity for an area that is new to me (the learning is the greater part of the hobby).

I served HM the Queen wearing green, but long retired and now living in the beautiful Quantock Hills of Somerset.

The badge I treasure the most is that to the Dover Anti-Aircraft Corps. Took me a while to find and is representative of a very interesting group of gentlemen, who were present on the front line (metaphorically and literally - Dover) of home service.

I can see your eyes glazing over now, so will stop.


mooke07 24-06-19 01:31 PM

Welcome to the Forum Owens and sounds like you at least have a collecting theme - many of us poor soles just drift until the wallet jolts one back to being a little more focused. Enjoy, cheers Dean.

ojd 24-06-19 11:38 PM

Thanks Dean, I still feel a bit aimless in my collecting, so its good to know I am not alone! Owen

mooke07 25-06-19 06:41 PM

Just pitch in and share parts of your collection and knowledge and you will
learn a plenty, cheers Dean

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