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slick_mick 28-06-12 09:23 AM

Ceremonial uniform - General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB
Ceremonial uniform - General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB.

General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB (16 April 1865 4 March 1945) was a senior officer of the Australian Imperial Force who fought at Gallipoli and in the Middle Eastern theatre during the First World War. He was the first Australian to attain the rank of lieutenant general and later general, and the first to lead a corps. As commander of the Desert Mounted Corps, he was responsible for one of the most decisive victories and fastest pursuits in military history.

On display at the AWM.



RACT 06-11-12 04:26 AM

Sir Harry
Seeing as the good General served as the head of the VDC during WW2 , one wonders why he wasn't awarded the 2 WW2 medals, 1939-45 War medal & The Australian Service Medal1939-45 ?

Arnhemjim 06-11-12 04:10 PM

General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB.
One plausible explanation given that the General's actual medals are a national treasure, the court mounted group appearing on the uniform may be a set reconstructed by the museum staff. The original medals being well protected in a safe. That same staff may have established the vintage of the uniform, determined it predated the awarding of WWII medals, and decided not to include them, although in all probability he wore the uniform subsequent to the end of World War II. Just a thought. Am, however, very surprised not to see at least a DSO for Beersheba! Reading the entry for the General appearing in Wikipedia, there were unfortunately a lot of politics involved between the British Army and the Australian Military Forces occurring at the time.

RACT 12-11-12 02:30 AM

Sir Harry
Yes you are right there is , or was , a lot of polictical to & from, in regards to gongs , i do remember years ago there was a bit of a scandal in regards to Sir Harry's medals , and Sir John Monash's medals as well , a person was acused of swapping the real gongs for copies, but i don't think it was ever proven , i remember reading about it when i was attached to the RACT Museum at Puckapunyal.Anyway it is good to have an answer to my question.

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