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Bill A 27-08-20 06:58 PM

Bomber's grenade
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This bomber's red flaming grenade is of a quality seldom seen. Heavy embroidery with a dimensional ball and highlighted flames. (Came from a lot of CEF insignia.)

manchesters 27-08-20 07:32 PM

Very nice, identical in shape to the Canadian RE arm badges of WW1.


MarkGD 28-08-20 09:56 AM

Lovely thing Bill, thanks for sharing - Regards Mark

zorgon 28-08-20 04:30 PM

Thanks for showing that Bill. It is an extraordinary example of stitching care done by the best of the best seamstresses or specialty crafts-person. Itís a delight to see something so near perfection, regardless of the Country of manufacture or the military branch. Hmm, that could be a new thread; show us the highest quality piece in your collection.

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